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    Nevím jestli a kdy bude, tak se na to neptejte.

    As RedHat put unixODBC into their distro (finally) I won't update my RPMs anymore. They have time to make it, I don't. They don't use subpackages as I did, but it's not very important, their packages are working and that's important.
    Here you can download the source RPM and binary RPMs of the unixODBC libraries. My original packages were based on RPMs provided by Coding Apes. At the time I write this (Mar 18 2001) their last available version is 1.8.12 despite there is unixODBC 2.0.x available.

    After I made my first update (unixODBC 2.0.1) I sent an updated spec file to Nick Gorham from unixODBC devel team, he directed me to send it to the Coding Apes. I did so in hope that they will maintain it further. But I still get no response from them. Maybe they're out of bussines.

    So I offer you my own version of RPMs. I have divided it into few subpackages by data sources and by user interfaces.

    As I don't have Qt or KDE libraries installed on my machine, I don't provide KDE version of the Driver Manager and Explorer. Sorry. If you want it, you have to get the SRPM, install it, change the %define on the top of the spec file and build binary packages yourself.

    I don't have all the databases installed on my computer as well, so I provide subpackages for some of them only (I don't have Sybase, Oracle, SAP DB, MiniSQL, ...). See the list of provided databases subpackages.

    I'd be glad if someone can send me the binary RPMs of missing subpackages (Qt/KDE tools and Drivers/Driver configs of other databases).

    Note: Not all subpackages are built (e.g. graphical interfaces).

    Source RPM

    If you want to build your own RPMs you need this SRPM
    Big THANKS to Andre du Toit for making 2.2.5 rpms

    Zpět na začátek stránky

    Binary RPMs

    These RPMs were built on RedHat 8.0 (glibc 2.2.93). You'll be warned about missing dependencies, if any, during the installation. If you have other RPM enabled system, you'll need to get the SRPM and rebuild it.
    See the RPM description (after downloading) of the package for more information.

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